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Background Compliance

Dear St. Theresa Catholic School Parent Volunteer,
Welcome and thank you for accepting the opportunity to volunteer at St. Theresa Catholic School. Your volunteer service will help further the mission of our school. The head of your ministry is Constance Gilligan. She can be reached at [email protected] .  
Our school takes seriously the Lord's mandate to "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." in Matthew 19:12.  We are committed to creating a safe environment which begins by ensuring that those volunteers with substantial contact with minors are compliant with the child protection policies of the Diocese of Arlington.  Your volunteer service is subject to successfully completing the online Office for the Protection of Children and Young People (OPCYP) application, background check and VIRTUS: Protecting God's Children safe environment training within 45 days of submitting the online application - instructions will follow.
Additionally, all volunteers are prohibited from performing, teaching, or advocating any practices or doctrines that are inconsistent with religious tenets of the Catholic faith. For Catholic volunteers, conformance with religious tenets of the Catholic faith is a condition of service.
Prior to your first day of service, the OPCYP background check online application must be completed.  Instructions on how to complete the application process in the most efficient manner are provided on the final pages of this document.  In order to complete the application, you will need the following information:
Location: St. Theresa School
Position Title: Volunteer
Thank you again for generously offering your time and talent to our school.  I truly look forward to working with you.
Mrs. Erin O'Malley
Office for the Protection of Children and Young People
Background Check Application Instructions
The Office for the Protection of Children and Young People (OPCYP) would like to welcome you as a new volunteer to the Diocese of Arlington.  The Diocese requires that all employees and volunteer, prior to beginning their employment or service, complete the OPCYP Background Check Application.  Your continued employment or service is conditioned upon passing all background checks.  The application process is electronic and should take you approximately 25 minutes to complete.
In an effort to assist you and ensure this is a quick process, please use the checklist under "Information Needed" to gather the following information prior to beginning the application process.  Should you need to delay or stop the application process, you may save your information and return to it at a later date or time.
Information Needed:
  • Social Security or ITEN number (For all employees and those who have been issued either one-refusal to provide it could disqualify you from volunteering).
  • Your addresses for the last 15 years of residence.
  • Your contact information for the last 5 years of employment (If you have worked for the same company for the past 5 years, please provide at least one other employer if possible).
  • Criminal history information (i.e., charges/confictions, jurisdiction, approximate date).
  • The Location and Position Title indicated in the letter above.
Instructions to Complete the Application
Step 1:  Go to the Diocese of Arlington Child Protection landing page:
or use the following URL to log into the OPCYP Background Check Application site:
Step 2:  If you are a new user, choose "Create Account".  If you have logged in before, please use your Username and Password.  If you have forgotten it, please input your email address and reset your password.
Step 3:  Use your legal name and the information provided in the letter above when selecting your location and position
Step 4:  Provide all the information requested and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible.
Step 5:  Once you have completed the application, press the red Finish button.  You will then be sent to a DocuSign site to review the information you provided which has been preloaded into the Diocesan forms.
Review of Forms Process
The information that was collected during the application process has now been loaded into the Diocesan and State of Virginia forms.  Please,
  • Review the forms for accuracy
  • Provide your electronic signature authorizing the Diocese
  • Provide your electronic signature that states that you have received or read the documents.
  • Complete the process by clicking finish once you have reviewed and signed the documents.
  • Print or save an electronic copy of the full Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct for your information.
Next Steps
Now that you have completed the application process, this is what you should expect:
  • The OPCYP Liaison (Constance Gilligan) will be contacting you shortly to invite you to meet, sign and notarize the CPS form at the location.  Please work with them to set-up a mutual time to complete the process.
  • The OPCYP Liaison (Constance Gilligan) will be reviewing your paperwork to ensure all the information has been correctly entered.  If there is a question or an issue with your paperwork an email will be sent with instructions explaining the issue(s) and the next steps.
  • Please keep your Username and Password in a safe place.  It is the key to access your OPCYP portal.
Nota Bene
The Diocese of Arlington is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your information.  It does not sell or share its information with outside vendors.  To this end, regular electronic audits are conducted on our systems to provide you with the utmost confidence that your information is being securely stored and used appropriately.
Welcome to the Diocese of Arlington!
Thank you for your cooperation in the process.  The Diocese not only desires to protect our youth but also your reputation and employment.  Congratulations on your new position.