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Student Council

Student Council is open to middle school students. The Student Council is a group of officers to fill elected positions, as well as several committee chairs. Elections to the upcoming years council take place the previous May.

The Student Council is a service-oriented group, seeking to serve Jesus in the form of serving the school, as well as the local and world community. Students develop leadership skills and are expected to be role models for the student body.

During the early Fall, each individual classroom in grades three through eight also elect a class representative. This student attends quarterly Student Council meetings designed to keep the student body informed of the happenings within the school and to share input from individual classrooms and teachers. Students who consider running for office or for committee chairs need to understand that there is a great deal of work involved with every position on the council and must be willing to do their share.

Students running for any position on the Student Council, including class representative, must have written consent from the parent, teacher recommendation, and his or her behavior needs to reflect the expectations of a Council member.