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School Play

St. Theresa Catholic School offers a school musical as an opportunity for student performance. Most involvement is limited to middle school ages, but occasionally exceptions are made based upon casting requirements of the play selected.  Students are cast based upon open auditions. Technical assistance is also an opportunity for some students to contribute.  Not all students are selected, as there are space and organizational limits in which the play must operate. Typically the play is cast in December, with rehearsals starting immediately after the Christmas break, and is performed the weekend before Easter.

The plays are directed by Ms. Quijano, the music teacher, and rehearse after school until 4:10 or 4:30, and even later as the performance approaches. Parents of students involved are required to assist in some manner, to include: costumes, props, lighting, set construction, sound, painting, or backstage supervision.

School plays do not occur every year, and in the years without a school play there will be a Drama club which meets once a week throughout the school year. This will provide a similar opportunity to performing in a school play, and will culminate in a modest performance opportunity.