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The administration and faculty of St. Theresa Catholic School promote academic excellence through an integrated curriculum that takes into account different learning styles and abilities. St. Theresa Catholic School strives to focus on each student’s needs. If a student requires additional help to reach his/her potential, he/she is referred to the Student Assistance Team. If school personnel feel that intervention by the resource team is necessary, parents will be asked to have their child evaluated and are required to share the results of testing with the school. If a student qualifies for direct intervention by the resource team, a Student Assistance Plan is implemented. The student then receives the accommodations or modifications necessary to be successful.


All sources of a student’s documented disability, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan, or Student Assistance Plan (SAP), are kept in the student’s confidential file. Students who have a documented disability, but do not qualify for services through the local public school, may be eligible for accommodations through a Student Assistance Plan written by St. Theresa School. It is the expectation that all students follow the school’s policies and honor code.


Testing:  Parents of St. Theresa Catholic School students may obtain testing services through Loudoun County Public Schools or private institutions.