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Welcome to Music!

Welcome!  All students at STS take music class once weekly through grade 5.  Middle school students choose their music electives based upon their areas of interest, and get 4-week mini-courses throughout the year.  Additionally, students have the opportunity in grades 3-8 to participate in optional Chorus, and grades 4-8 may elect to participate in Band via Garwood Whaley's in-school band program.
STS Christmas Show is Tuesday, Dec. 11th from 6:30 (drop off), with the show beginning at 7:00 in the CHURCH and ending around 8:10.  There will be a cake raffle to fundraise for the middle school chorus members' spring trip as you enter the church that evening.  Please come with a few spare dollars!  You might just be a lucky winner of a tasty holiday treat!  Winners will be drawn between grade level performances during the evening.  Dress for the students is "Christmas Best".