Uniform Information

From the July 9, 2020 “Thursday Thunder”


I am happy to share that we have made the decision to introduce the option of a uniform polo shirt for our students. We will let you know when they become available for ordering – it can be a couple of months because of backorders. I can definitively tell you I will not be requiring ties for boys in order to allow for comfort in unbuttoning the top button, at least while we are in the COVID-era. There will be times when it will be necessary to wear ties for special events. All students will still wear their typical uniforms, just no ties on most days.  


Regarding the school jumper: We will maintain the school jumper. Girls can wear the new uniform polo shirts (when they are available) with their jumpers, or their typical uniform tops. At any point in time, depending on the weather, I may allow students to wear PE bottoms, and they can wear their PE shirts or school polo with those.  


Masks will need to be in the solid colors of light or dark gray, navy blue, or white. Medical masks with a slight blue tint are also fine. You may want to start getting some in these colors. Our Task Force and Uniform committee are exploring school-logo mask options, including a logo mask from Lands’ End.