STCS COVID-19 Update

Due to thBusiness directorye Covid-19 pandemic, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced closure of all K-12 schools in the state on Friday, March 13, 2020. While Saint Theresa Catholic School is closed to in-person instruction, we were able to implement e-learning on March 16, 2020 -- we didn't miss a day of school!


Even though our building is closed, our teachers are teaching, our students are learning, and the school office is open for business...all via the internet! Please visit our staff directory and email us -- we're happy to set up a phone call or virtual meeting to answer your questions. In the meantime, please join us for a virtual tour of our school, below:



⚡️ Our sense of community sets us apart; we continue to find new ways to support one another and thrive:

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⚡️Visit our Facebook page to see the STCS community in action!
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⚡️Parent Testimonials

  • “My wife and I are extremely grateful for what STCS is doing to ensure our children’s education does not get interrupted.”
  • “I cannot fully express how thankful I am for how STCS has responded to this extremely difficult challenge.”
  • “These are extraordinary times and you-all have not missed a beat!”
  • “Your teachers should be commended highly for their dedication to both their craft and to our children. [Our children] have structure to their day, demands on their minds and bodies, and a specific and appropriately challenging set of goals laid before them.”
  • "I’ve never been more proud and happy to be a [STCS] family."
⚡️Our school community has been thriving in distance learning since March 16, 2020.
     Take a look at some past highlights, below:
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Specials Bingo
Live session guidelines
Grades K-5 are using email and Seesaw for Distance Learning. The following teachers also use the website for their assignments:
Grades 6-8 are using Google Classroom.
Teachers are also using these wonderful sites for e-Learning:
EPIC Reading
Book Creator
Spelling City
Dreambox Learning
Connect Ed
Common Lit
Discovery Ed
Kahoot/ Quizizz