Frequently Asked Questions


Is St. Theresa Catholic School (STCS) affiliated with a particular local Catholic parish?

St. Theresa Catholic School is part of the Saint Theresa Parish and the Diocese of Arlington.


How many students attend STCS? What grades does STCS accommodate? How many classes are in each grade?

Approximately 450 students are enrolled yearly, in grades K-8. Each grade has two classes. We offer full day kindergarten. We do not currently offer a Pre-K program.


What is the maximum number of students allowed in each class?

The maximum number of students in kindergarten is limited to 24 students (48 total) and each kindergarten class has a full-time instructional aide. Grades 1 and 2 are limited to 25 students in each class (50 total). Grades  3, 4, and 5 are limited to 28 students in each class (56 total). Grades 6-8 have a maximum class size of 30 students (60 total in each grade). Grades 1-3 have part-time instructional aides in each class. 


What are St. Theresa Catholic School’s educational goals?

St. Theresa Catholic School maximizes each child’s potential. We are a parish school, not a prep school; we are a Catholic school, not a private school. We embrace children with a wide range of academic abilities. St. Theresa Catholic School supports our children early on so that they will be prepared to deal with a diverse academic environment and will take full advantage of their different learning styles. Most students learn how to have their needs met and outgrow regular daily or weekly support sessions before they reach middle school. Every student is expected to give his or her best to his or her studies. St. Theresa Catholic School prides itself in preparing our students for a successful high school career.



How does the school teach moral values and spiritual truths?

St. Theresa Catholic School, like every school in the Diocese of Arlington, offers daily instruction in our faith.  Students prepare for the sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion in second grade, and the sacrament of Confirmation throughout seventh and eighth grades. But this didactic approach is not what St. Theresa Catholic School is known for; it is the daily living of our faith in all we do and say. Students develop a strong moral compass and sense of individual responsibility by relating to others in a manner that reflects their Catholic upbringing. All students, grades 1-8, attend weekly Mass. All students also attend Mass on First Friday, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Days of Obligation as well as many other special days on the church calendar. We begin each morning in community prayer. Each class period begins with a prayer, and our day ends in prayer. Prayer services are often held for specific intentions, the school prays the rosary together at various times, and all students attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays during Lent. The Pastor and Parochial Vicar visit in classrooms, especially in the middle school, to discuss relevant issues and church doctrine.



What curriculum opportunities are there for high school placement?

Spanish is taught to all students from kindergarten through grade eight. Students enrolling in Catholic high schools may then take an exemption test for high school Spanish I. If the student passes, he/she may enter Spanish II in freshman year. Those going to public high schools do not need a test to be placed in Spanish II. Two levels of algebra are taught in the 8th grade. Students entering public school will be able to take the SOL for Algebra I. Students who are going on to Diocesan Catholic high schools may qualify for the more difficult level of algebra and take the algebra exemption test for Diocesan high schools. Geometry is offered for students who have successfully completed Algebra I in seventh grade.


To which high schools do graduates go?

St. Theresa Catholic School graduates attend many Catholic high schools, including Saint Paul VI Catholic High School, Bishop Denis J. O’Connell High School, Oakcrest School, and St. John’s Catholic Prep as well as the local public high schools.


How does school prepare the students for family and civic life?

Our students model their primary teacher, Jesus Christ, by being ever aware of their role in the global community. St. Theresa Catholic School students develop a strong sense of commitment to the needs of others during their stay here. They respond to crises vigorously and speedily. When tragedies occur, students respond by praying and sending condolences.

On the Feast of the Holy Rosary, students gather to form a living rosary and bring food to be donated to the Divine Mercy Outreach. The students also participate in the Backpack Buddies. Students and families participate in Boxes of Joy for children in developing countries. The boxes contain toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as a small toys and other items. At Christmas, our students provide gift cards to support local families through Divine Mercy. Middle school students donate the funds from their first dance to the Parish for the annual Youth vs. Hunger food-packing day. Students also collect money with the Lenten boxes to support Youth vs. Hunger.

We also support Catholic Charities, Cross Catholic Outreach, Catholic Relief Services, and many other charities. Our students prepare to take their roles as caring and sensitive members of the global community, and realize that as individuals, they have the power and responsibility to improve the lives of others.


How does the school compare to the competition (private and independent schools)?

St. Theresa Catholic School graduates select their high schools – not the other way around. Once in their high schools, students report that they have been well prepared for the challenge. Large numbers of our students are listed on their high school’s honor roll, and several students have been the valedictorian at their high schools. We are proud to compare the education received at St. Theresa Catholic School against any other school in Northern Virginia.


What are the teachers’ qualifications?

St. Theresa Catholic School’s teachers are certified and licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, either through the Virginia Department of Education or through the Virginia Catholic Education Association.


How does the school handle discipline, including bullying?

It is conceivable that bullying may never be eradicated, especially in middle schools. However, St. Theresa Catholic School has a strict discipline code which includes zero tolerance of physical violence, bullying, and cyber bullying. Teachers and administration respond swiftly to any reported incidents.


Is financial assistance available?

St. Theresa Catholic School participates in the Diocese of Arlington’s financial aid program, which is based on financial need. Families may apply online.


Does the school offer other classes?

In addition to daily curriculum instruction, students have Art, Computers, Library, Music, and PE once a week.  Students in grades K-5 do hands-on activities in the Elementary School Science Lab once a week. Students may also participate in chorus.  


What other extra-curricular activities are available at STCS?

St. Theresa Catholic School offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students in grades K-8. Please click here to visit the Extracurricular Activities page for a list of all activities.


Does STCS provide academic support for students who need it?

St. Theresa Catholic School recognizes the beauty and potential inherent within each student. In an effort to foster continued growth, the school embraces the challenge to provide assistance to serve students with special needs according to the resources available within the school. STCS employs Resource Teachers who provide academic support to students who demonstrate a need for additional help. They will also provide guidance for parents during the child study process. Evaluation and testing are not offered on site, but available through the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) system. Students who qualify through LCPS may be eligible to receive additional services through them.


Does STCS provide transportation?

No, parents are responsible for the transportation of their students to and from school.  


Does STCS have an after-school program?

Yes, STCS offers an Extended Day Program which goes until 5:30pm each day that the school is in session. Parents need to provide transportation for their child from the program. Our program is licensed through the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Does STCS offer hot lunches?

St. Theresa uses an outside agency called Yay Lunch!  They provide lunches from local vendors.  Orders are placed and paid for online. Click Here for more information.  Students can also bring their  own lunch.  


What is the School Uniform Policy at STCS?

All students in grades K-8 are required to wear a school uniform. Information is found under the "Parents" icon > "Uniform and Spirit Wear" as well as under "Admissions" > Information. Uniform details are also listed in the School Handbook.


Does STCS follow Loudoun County Public School's Calendar and Schedule?

The Diocese of Arlington's school calendar is similar to the LCPS calendar with respect to federal holidays and providing Christmas and spring breaks as well as a summer vacation. However, there are differences. Our Christmas break days do not match up exactly, our spring break is an Easter break and at a different time, our teacher workdays are different, and the first and last day of school may be different. For weather related closures, STCS follows Loudoun County Public Schools.