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Mission Statement

Guided by the teachings of Christ, Saint Theresa Catholic School is dedicated to Educating Tomorrow’s Catholic Leaders. We partner with families in the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of every child.


Philosophy of Learning


St. Theresa Catholic School, as part of the St. Theresa Parish community, formally educates students in the life and teachings of Jesus and the traditions and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Our students are given the opportunity to know and affirm that they are children of God and the school is committed to modeling and teaching Catholic Christian morals and values. St. Theresa Catholic School offers a caring, safe, disciplined, and respectful environment for children. We promote academic excellence and foster a love for learning across all curricular areas. Our students develop the skills to acquire knowledge with an integrated curriculum that takes into account different learning styles and abilities. We believe that each child is a unique person with a God-given purpose in life. We encourage students to develop their individual talents and skills to reach their highest personal level of potential. Along with their parents, the students’ primary educators, we prepare our students to become productive and serving members of the global community.