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Computers (K-8) - Mrs. Therese Green

Basic Curriculum

The Technology curriculum for all schools in the Catholic Diocese of Arlington can be viewed here.


Volunteers are needed to help out with Grades K-3 during their Computer classes.  

Diocesan Policy for the protection of children requires all parents wishing to volunteer for their students’ classes, activities and field trips be VIRTUS certified.  For more information on how to become VIRTUS certified, please click on the "VIRTUS" link.

According to the Diocesan Policy, all volunteers are required to submit the necessary Diocesan paperwork prior to volunteering. Paperwork should be processed and “cleared” before anyone can begin his/her service in the School. If you are not compliant, parents will not be allowed into the school to interact with children in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, field trips, field day, parties, coaching, special classes, science fair, etc.  


School Supplies

All students should have a set of headphones for class. Ear buds can be used for Middle School but headphones are the best for K-5.

School Policies and Protocols

Please click on the "Parent/Student Handbook" link for questions on school policy and procedures. Each family must sign and return the handbook agreement form.